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About the Founder…


Rhiannon was brought up in an entrepreneurial family in the small farm community of Russiaville, Indiana.  By the time she graduated from high school, it was clear that her path would lead her to Davidson Excavating, the construction company her parents started in 1988.  During her college years, she married her now husband, Craig, and 2 years later they had a son. Raising a family while working and going to school was an extreme challenge.  In 2009, she graduated from Ivy Tech College with a degree in Office Administration and Software Applications. Back in the office, Rhiannon, who currently serves as the COO and CTO, was making constant strides to organize the companies procedures, automating everything that she could.  Finding software to integrate with their accounting system proved to be an impossible task. Through years of trial and failure, Rhiannon came to the conclusion that she knew exactly what she wanted, she just needed to build it. One year later, and many hours of designing and working with a great crew of partners and software engineers, eForms Mobile was launched.  Rhiannon and her designers strive every day to build innovative forms and design procedures that save you time and money.

Rhiannon Davidson Thompson

Founder & CEO